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When things change inside you,
things change around you.

About Yoga

Deep breaths are like little love
tones to your body.

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Why Choose Parinama Yoga

ParinamaYoga is a well formed studio exclusively for Yoga.
The groups are small, usually consisted up to six practitioners.
As a result, our students build a more intimate and stronger relationship
with their instructor, and a deeper connection to their yoga practice.

  • Start your yoga journey

    Connect with your body and discover its needs through your Yoga practice. Discover the benefits our classes can offer you.

  • About Yoga

    Yoga transforms and changes a person from the inside out. As someone delves more into their spiritual practice, hidden aspects of their deepest existence emerge.

  • Yoga Classes for Beginners

    We will be glad to welcome you to our yoga studio


Parinama Yoga

Parinama is a Sanskrit term describing transformation or change, on both a philosophical and practical level.

Small Groups

With Yoga you achieve a balanced state of mind

The Benefits of Yoga

the human body
your posture
chronic ailments
respiratory function
Enhances sensitivity
towards your surrounding
Offers mental
and spiritual peace
and circulatory health

Parinama Yoga

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